Orphange Programmes

Our Trust is running orphanage for poor orphan and semi-orphan children, we provide free food, education, medical care, clothes and other helps to these children. At Present 70 children in our orphan home . Our aim is to bring holistic development in the life of orphan children and give care to the abandoned children. At present, we are running this orphanage by local donation and local kind support SAD.

Mentally Challenged People Welfare Programme

Mentally retarded people are generally neglected by the own family and society their childish behavior makes the people to behave so harsh towards them. Even though they need love and care, many do not love them. Many times, they loose proper care. We give proper love and care to these people. In addition, we provide medicine, clothes, nutritious food and other basic things. Moreover, we give proper counseling to their parents and relatives.

Widow's Programme

We continuously involved in serving the widows and destitute in many ways. We trained them in craft making. Tailoring and other self-employment training, because they loose their income after the death of their husbands and they unable to send their children to school these trainings help them to earn to maintain their family. We also give counselling to over come their depression, to face, and to solve the problem..

Medical Programme

The Saranaalayam trust realized that the medical camp very essential for the poor people to make them aware of the facilities they can avail from government hospitals, accordingly medical camp were conducted many number people were took part in it. There were a lot patients with chronic disease came and attended. The Saranaalayam Trust have properly identified and directed to the concerned Government Hospitals and other hospitals and dispensaries. We also give little assistance to the poor people.

Assistance for Differently Abled Students

Our trust extended its help to the handicapped students. We give valuable solutions to solve their problem of the differently abled persons. We also explained about the various schemes, which the Tamil Nadu Government announced for them. This camp helped the disabled person to understand the various schemes they can avail from both and central Government.

Summer Classes for Children

We arranged summer course for the village children in the month of May. Every year we conduct this program for children. The aim of this program is to make the children to make use of the summer vocation meaningfully. This was ten days program the trained teachers conducted this class to the children. In this class, various subjects were taught to the children to mould them and to make them good citizen of this nation.

Old Age Person Welfare

Our trust is continuously involved in helping old age people, our aim is to provide peaceful life to abandoned old age people in this region, when they are in need they are neglected and uncared which leads to psychological depression. We take all efforts to provide proper care and trauma counselling. We provide rice and other provisions to the needy poor old people, and we give counselling to their children to take care of their parents. We also provide medical facilities to them.

AIDS Awareness and Counselling Programme

AIDS prevention and control program was conducted for the high and higher secondary students, and village grassroots leaders, and free medicine and nutritious food was given to the AIDS affected and infected people and their children. Counselling was given to the AIDS affected people. These are the few services we render for the needed people.